Broadway Troubles
Season Three, Episode Two
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First aired: June 3rd, 2016
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Broadway Troubles will be the second episode of Season Three, and the 35th episode overall.

When an upcoming Broadway musical comes up, Rachel decides to join in, but it comes to a tough point when two of her friends decide to audition. Meanwhile, the glee kids worry about if Vocal Adrenaline will compete against them for Nationals, but someone shocking comes by to tell them news that could get them worried about being beaten - Sue.

Plot Edit


Songs Edit

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
My Man Cast of Funny Girl Rachel Berry
The Hanging Tree Jennifer Lawrence and James Newton Howard Sue and Doris
I'm The Greatest Star Cast of Funny Girl Kurt Hummel
Girl On Fire Alicia Keys Tina Cohen-Chang
Rude Boy Rihanna Sue Sylvester

Unrealeased Songs Edit

  • Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson sung by Santana
  • Rock 'N Roll by Avril Lavinge sung by Santana

Background Songs Edit

  • Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne - Santana plays this on her phone while telling Rachel to go away.
  • This Is Halloween by Cast of Nightmare Before Christmas - Santana plays this on her phone when pranking Rachel.
  • Never Again by Kelly Clarkson - Santana plays the song as Doris enters the classroom on her phone as well.

Quotations Edit

 |quote=Sue: Why do you want us to sing a song from a movie I will never plan to watch?
 |quote=Doris: Why not?
 |quote=Sue: I have an urge to punch you for some reason.
 |person=Sue Sylvester and Doris Sylvester
 |source=Broadway Troubles
 |quote=Kurt: I would be proud to audition.
 |quote=Rachel: This is a girl role.
 |person=Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel
 |source=Broadway Troubles

Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester
  • Carol Burnett as Doris Sylvester

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Doris
  • The songs Rock 'N Roll and Already Gone return in this episode as unreleased songs. Rock 'N Roll being sung in The Old and New, back in Season Two, and Already Gone being sung People Like Us, also back in Season Two