Here's a list of what is not allowed in chat. Doing the following things will result in a punishment.

Swearing Edit

  • If you swear, you have to use censorship. If you swear without censoring, you will get a 1 week ban.
    • If you keep swearing after the ban expires, you will get a 1 month ban from chat.
    • If swearing continues afterwards, you'll be banned from chat infinitely
    • The only swear words you can say in chat is what has been said on Glee and Glee: The Life Continues in New York. Because of this, you're allowed to say hell, damn, etc. as long as it is not directed to another user.

Spamming Edit

  • You may not spam in chat, because if you do, it disrupts the chat. If you spam, you will get a 2 hour ban from chat.
    • If you continue spamming after your ban expires, you'll get a 3 month ban.
    • If spam continues, you will be banned infinitely, and will be reported to Staff.


  • Whether you want to promote or not, you are not allowed to do it in chat. Doing so will give you a warning in private message.
    • If you don't stop advertising after the warning, you'll be banned from chat for 6 months.
    • Continued advertisement will give you a 1 year ban.

Do Not Come If You're Underage Edit

  • Because of what the US law says, you must be 13 or older to join chat. Remember, if you are caught by staff underaged, you will be globalled.
    • If you do come to chat underaged, you'll be banned from chat until you're old enough to be on wiki


  • If you use caps, it has to be a minimum of 15 words in all-caps. If you go over 15 words, you'll get a warning in private message.
    • If private message doesn't work, you'll get a few kicks from chat.
    • If continued caps over the limit, you'll get a one month ban.
    • You can shout with no limit in PM.

If you need help Edit

  • If you need help with anything on this wiki, just contact me, and I'll be glad to help you.

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