Secrets Revealed
Season Three, Episode Twenty
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First aired: October 7th, 2016
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Secrets Revealed will be the twentieth episode of Season Three, and the 53rd episode overall. it will air on October 7th, 2016.

The glee club starts to suspect the worst, after Brittany tells them something Finn did as a mistake. While getting another visit from her mom, Alissa tries her best to keep the news about Roderick adopting a child a secret, but with the others in the way, it makes her secret harder to keep. Elsewhere, when Quinn hears rumors that she's been cheating, she almost gets herself in trouble, by attempting something incredibly serious.

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Songs Edit

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Separate Ways Journey Finn Hudson
Who Knew P!nk Quinn Fabray
Just Like Fire Alissa
In The Night The Weeknd Kurt Hummel
Never Forget You Zara Larsson ft. Mnek Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez
Smoke And Fire Sabrina Carpenter The Talented New Yorkers