• AlyssaTheMusicGeek

    Now that the actress for Melissa (the new character introduced in Worst Enemies) has been announced, I was finally able to make a promotional photo for her, so here you go!

    The actress herself has already been on TV if you were wondering, she actually played her first most known role when she was 15! Shocking, I know. So, here's the photo, and if you want to check out the promotional photos for two other fictional characters, click here.

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  • AlyssaTheMusicGeek

    Okay, I am pumped to have you guys see some lyrics for Season 4 that I've already planned, so to be nice, like people have done before, I am gonna be nice, and leak some lyrics out for you. Not all of them though, so I don't think it's that bad, so I think I'll start them sometime tomorrow, which I might as well do after school (school started for me again......).

    Okay, so now that I'm done with school (I've been done since 2, but I forgot about it lol), here's the list of songs I'm gonna do:

    We Built This City (The Talented New Yorkers in this one)

    Jealous (letting Santana sing this one)

    Irreplaceable (Madison (with Jane on back-up) for this one)

    And from the same episode Irreplaceable will be on, Heartbeat Song (Jane and Alissa (with Kitty an…

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  • AlyssaTheMusicGeek


    Alissa (find her kind of hot right now)

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