Okay, I am pumped to have you guys see some lyrics for Season 4 that I've already planned, so to be nice, like people have done before, I am gonna be nice, and leak some lyrics out for you. Not all of them though, so I don't think it's that bad, so I think I'll start them sometime tomorrow, which I might as well do after school (school started for me again......).

Okay, so now that I'm done with school (I've been done since 2, but I forgot about it lol), here's the list of songs I'm gonna do:

We Built This City (The Talented New Yorkers in this one)

Jealous (letting Santana sing this one)

Irreplaceable (Madison (with Jane on back-up) for this one)

And from the same episode Irreplaceable will be on, Heartbeat Song (Jane and Alissa (with Kitty and Angelina on back-up) for this one song)

Black Magic (Madison, Kitty, Angelina, and Jane for this song)

Chandelier (Alissa, Santana, and Brittany for this one) *

Here's to Us (Blaine for this one) (Kevin Rudolf song)


Shake it Out (Jane, Madison,and Angelina)

.* Remember the actual Glee version for Chandelier? It's gonna have to be like that for this one, because I don't think any of the girls can hit the notes the original way

Songs are right here:

We Built This City



Heartbeat Song

Black Magic


Here's To Us

Shake It Out